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Salice 018 RW

Salice 018 RW

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  • UV 400nm
    • Buy from a UK dealer to endorse your 2 year Salice Warranty
  • UV 400nm
    • This lens blocks the harmful UV radiation below 400nm wave length
  • Mirror Coated Lens
    • Multilayer rainbow lens. Outer lens coatings reduce glare from water, snow and ice. Also with enhanced scratch resistance.
  • Hydro repellent lens
    • Hydro repellent lens. Super smooth lens surface allows water and dust to slide off
  • Front Vents
    • Integrated front venting system reduces misting
  • Anti-Glare Lens
    • Inner lens anti-glare treatment
  • Kit Optik
    • Kit Optik Available

Salice 018 RW


Refined slimline glass

Integrated side air ventilation

Co Injected Megol® super flex rubber tipped arms for reduced cranium pressure

Mounted with RW- Multi layer mirror coating cuts glare and increases contrast

IDRO will repel water and dust to optimize vision

UV400 lens rating ensures protection against 100% of UVA, B and C rays

Innovative Switch system, includes 3 lenses and two detachable rims enabling you to personalise your glass

Supplied with spare clear and orange polycarbonate lenses,

Size: Adult Unisex

Lens changing instructions

RRP: £94.95

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White-Blue/RW Blue

(Lens Category 3)

White-Red/RW Red

(Lens Category 3)

Turquoise/RW Yellow

(Lens Category 3)

Black-Yellow/RW Yellow

(Lens Category 3)

Black-Blue/RW Blue

(Lens Category 3)

Black-Orange/RW Red

(Lens Category 3)

Black-Red/RW Red

(Lens Category 3)

Black-Green/RW Green

(Lens Category 3)

Black-White/RW Black

(Lens Category 3)

included RW spares

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