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Salice 005RX Kit Optik Optical Insert

Salice Kit Optik Optical Insert

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  • UV 400nm
    • Buy from a UK dealer to endorse your 2 year Salice Warranty
  • Kit Optik
    • Kit Optik Available
  • Lens Inserts
    • Perscription Lens Inserts
  • Cutting Pattern
    • Cutting Pattern

Salice 005RX Kit Optik Optical Insert


A revolutionary solution for prescription lens wearers

Interchangeable optical inserts can be fitted with prescription lenses and located easily into the 005 frame

Dual inserts provide a wider field of vision than a regular one piece RX insert.

Inserts can be exchanged with mirror/clear or photochromatic lenses if prescription lenses are not required.

Lens template included

"Click here for full 005 colour range and spec"

RRP: £29.95

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